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1.2 Miles - Half Distance Tri & Aquabike | 0.6 Mile - International

The swim will take place in Larry and Penny's crystal clear lake. The swim portion is open all summer long for swimming. Participants will start on the North side of the beach and swim a .6 mile loop clockwise around the lake. International distance participants will swim 1 lap, while Half Iron participants will swim 1 lap, exit the water, run through the arch and across the scoring line, then re-enter the water and swim a 2nd lap.


Participants will encounter an aid station with drinks and food between the swim exit and the transition area.


The swim course and the crystal clear lake were extremely popular with last year's participants as it was voted the 2nd best thing about the race, just edged out by the run course and followed by our volunteers.


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56 Miles - Half Distance Tri, Du & Aquabike | 22 Miles - International

The bike ride will go through farmland areas of unincorporated Miami-Dade county (the Redlands), all on paved roads of course, and will encounter very little vehicular traffic.  The course will be well marked with arrows at each intersection both as signs on each stop sign and as arrows painted on the pavement.  There will also be police controlling traffic at each intersection where riders would normally stop for a stop sign or traffic light and at each intersection where the course turns.  Last year the event earned high praises for the excellent work by the police keeping the course safe and because there was so little traffic on the course, but remember that it is an open course, so you will see an occasional car on the road. As always, in the rare event of an emergency, riders may need to stop as safety always comes first.  The first mile or two has the most traffic of the entire course, so be especially vigilant from the start through the 2nd stoplight.


International distance participants will follow the same course as the half iron, except they will make a U-turn at the 11 mile point and return along the same course they took out.  This makes the bike a 22 mile course with an aid station at the 11-mile turnaround.  The turnaround is just before Krome avenue for those plotting out the course in advance.  TURN AT THE 4'X8' SIGN ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD THAT SAYS INTERNATIONAL U-TURN!!!


Half  distance participants will go out for 13 miles, make 2-15 mile loops, then return along the same route.  There will be an aid station with bottle handups and food as well as restrooms at the Fruit & Spice park.  Participants will pass this intersection at mile 13, mile 28 and mile 43 of the course.


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13.1 Miles - Half Distance Tri & Du | 6.6 Miles - International

We've saved the best for last - the RUN! The first mile includes paved road and some hard packed dirt road that takes you through the back gate into Zoo Miami where you will run by various zoo animal exhibits.


At that point the run course goes down and back the beautiful palm tree lined Zoo Miami main entrance, then re-enters the Zoo at about the 4 mile mark for more animal exhibits. The run then goes through non-public areas of the zoo to another back entrance to Larry and Penny Park and from that point back to the finish area.


The run course in the zoo changes yearly based on construction, breeding programs, and zoo attendance.  PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO ZOO PATRONS who are sharing the zoo with us.  They did not come to the zoo expecting to see humans running. Just enjoy the zoo and have a GREAT TIME!  That's what it is all about.


International distance participants will do 1 loop and Half Iron distance participants will do 2 loops.  The run course was voted the best part of the event by last year's participants.


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Run #1: 2.0 Miles | Bike 56 miles | Run #2: 13.1 Miles

Bike & Run #2 are the same as listed above for the Half Distance.


Click to see DUATHLON Run #1 map:

Swim: 0.6 mile | Run 3.1 Miles

Click to see AQUATHLON  map:


Race  Course Tours


Orientation Rides

For the Miami Man International and the ½ Distance 
Presented by : South Florida Triathletes ( www.teamhammerheads.com)

Meeting Place : 

Larry and Penny Thompson Park Site # 2 (Race Transition Area)

Turnpike and Eureka Drive (1 mile west on the north side) 
Race Date : 

Sunday November 15TH, 2020


Orientation Ride Dates and Times : 

  • First Ride: October 25, 2020

  • Second Ride: November 1, 2020

  • Third Ride: November 8, 2020

Time : 7:00am , Swim orientation 7:15am, Ride Starts at 7:30am sharp.

Orientation will include : Course map handouts for the swim, bike and run.

7:15am walk down to the lake for an explanation of the site and the swim course

7:30am Pre ride talk on the 4 distance we will be covering and the safety issues of our ride

( Int'l distance and back, Fruit and Spice Park and back, One Loop and back, 2 loops and back)

11:30am  (Upon arrival back) short run through the park.


This is an orientation ride for anyone that wants to come out and participate.

Leonora and myself will be conducting the orientation and know the course very well.

We started this ride at the inception of this great race for the purpose of making

first time participants and return athletes feel more comfortable with the race surroundings.

All are welcome even if they are not signed up for this year's event. Participants

do not need to sign up for the orientation they just need to be there on time.

The ride has never been cancelled due to the weather so we're on no matter what.

This is not a training ride and will be conducted in a comfortable pace for all.

All riders need to have everything they need for the ride(water, food and spare tires)

Bathrooms are available at Fruit and Spice Park where we will be making stops.

All cyclists need to be aware that we will be in traffic and safety for all is of our utmost concern.

All cyclists are riding on their own risk and need to allow a safe distance between the other

riders in the group.


If anyone has any questions please contact me at pkvedaras@hotmail.com

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