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Parking Passes

You will be given a parking pass at packet pickup on Saturday when you come to our awesome expo and check in your bike. That parking pass is for race morning. You must follow the directions on the parking pass to your assigned entrance to the park. 


By coming from multiple directions, we can prevent long lines of cars from blocking the roadways on race morning.  You will only be allowed to enter through your assigned entrance. This allows us to quickly and orderly park nearly 2000 cars in the park in less than 2 hours. Not following these rules would create chaos, so please display your parking pass on your dash and use its directions to get to your assigned entrance.


Course Signs

It is very important that all participants know the course.  It will be very well marked on the run and the bike, but it is your responsibility to pay attention and look for the signs, however large they may be.  There are 2 signs that are the most important as they are positioned when you finish a run and bike lap.  The one at the end of the run lap is pictured below:

When you come out of transition, you will see it immediately.  Stay to the right, then proceed to make your 6.55 mile lap.  When you encounter it a 2nd time, you will have completed 1 lap.  At this point International Distance participants will stay to the left and go through the finish line.  Half Distance participants will stay to the right and complete 1 more lap.


On the bike course, you will encounter the following sign at mile 8.7 (167th Ave and 248th St.:

At this point International Distance competitors should make an immediate U-turn and Half Distance competitors should continue straight.


The Half Distance Bike course goes another 2 miles (13 total) to the aid station, then does two 15 mile loops before returning along the same 13 mile stretch that brought them out for a total of 56 miles.  Once you have completed the first 28 miles you will encounter the sign pictured below:

At this point you will turn left and complete one more 15 mile loop.  Once you have completed both 15 mile loops, you will see this sign for the 2nd time.  At that point you will turn right and return along the 13 mile stretch back to transition.


If you are confused about anything, please consult the race maps.  It is YOUR responsibility to know the course.


Race Numbers

PLEASE DO NOT ALTER YOUR RACE NUMBERS IN ANY WAY (cutting down, display incorrectly, etc.)!  THE USAT OFFICIALS WILL PENALIZE YOU IF YOU DO.  There are three race numbers in your race packet that you are required to display during the event.  The bicycle frame number is the large sticker and should be wrapped around your seat post or frame so that the number is upright and visible from both sides of your bicycle.  The small sticker is the helmet number and must be affixed to the front of your helmet.  The run number must be displayed during the run segment on the front of your body. You will not need any pins for your run race number. In your race packet you will find a custom Miami Man race belt to use for the run.


Body Marking (Saturday)

Your race packet includes professional quality race tattoos with your race number. This includes three sets of your specific race number as a temporary tattoo and category/age group tattoos. One race number will be applied on your right bicep, one on your left bicep, and one on the outside of your left leg between your calf and shin. The category/age group ID tattoo will be applied to your right calf. (Note: the category tattoo might not be your exact age; it is used to indicate what age category you are in. For example: a person with a 55 on his/her right calf is in the 55-59 age group). Those competing on Relay Teams, as an Athena or as a Clydesdale will each receive an "R", "C" or an "A" tattoo to wear instead of your race-age number. You have the option to apply the tattoos at packet pickup on Saturday with the assistance of our staff. If you decide to apply the tattoos yourself please read the detailed instructions included in the tattoo packet before applying. Do not apply body lotion or sunscreen until after you have body marked with your tattoos. It is ok to wear your tattoos while sleeping, swimming or showering.  Apply the tattoos to your body the day before the event. This creates a better bond with your skin, and then apply sunscreen on Sunday morning. PLEASE use sunscreen, this is still South Florida! Please remember the tattoos must be applied to clean skin with no oils or lotion and do this before you go to bed on Saturday.


Swim Cap

The swim cap placed in your race packet must be worn during the swim.  Do not trade your swim cap with another athlete, as the caps are color coded to assist race management in organizing you at the swim start.  The cap must be worn during the entire swim and taken back to the transition area with you.  A variable time penalty will be assessed to anyone leaving their cap on the beach.


Dropping Out

Please notify a race official and return your timing chip at the finish line if you drop out of the race.  YOUR TIMING CHIP MAY ONLY BE RETURNED AT THE FINISH LINE!  DO NOT GIVE IT TO ANYONE ELSEWHERE ON THE COURSE.


No Dogs

Miami-Dade County Parks have a strict rule regarding pets.  They are not allowed in the park!  If you are found in violation of this rule, you will be fined $100, so please leave Fido at home.


Bike Check-In

Bike check-in on Saturday is MANDATORY.  You may check your bike in anytime between 10 a.m. and  4 p.m.  For security reasons, once your bike is checked in, you will not be able to remove it until race morning.  We will have plenty of guards keeping a close eye on your precious set of wheels!  DO NOT LEAVE ANY OTHER VALUABLES IN TRANSITION, especially small items that can be smuggled out (including powertap bicycle computers).


Transition Security

Only registered racers that have their custom Miami Man wristband on will be allowed to enter the transition area at any time, before, during, or after the race.  This is for the protection of your equipment, so please obey all of the rules and respect the security guards who are there protecting your stuff!  If you lose your wrist band please go to the information tent for assistance in retrieving your bike.  ANYONE CAUGHT TRYING TO JUMP, CLIMB, OR CROSS THE TRANSITION SECURITY FENCE AT ANY TIME WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED-EVEN AFTER THE EVENT!   You may only enter transition at the 2 guarded entrances-NO EXCEPTIONS!  We are serious about securing your valuables!  You should be too!


Transition Times

Opens at 4:45am and closes at 6:20am

Pre-Race Clinic and Q&A Session 


11 am and 3 pm


Pre-Race Clinic with Coach Erinne Guthrie from Full Circle Coaching.  Pre-Race Clinic and Q&A Session: Multirace Staff will go over the event.  Head USAT Race Official will go over the most commonly violated USAT rules and how to avoid getting a penalty.  Coach Erinne Guthrie will go over training, nutrition, and last minute racing tips.


**This clinic is mandatory for anyone doing the Miami Man for the first time and highly recommended to everyone

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