Aid Stations


Participants will pass 1 aid station between the swim exit and the transition area.



Half Distance participants will hit aid stations at 13 miles, 28 miles, and 43 miles.  International participants should carry enough drink with them to complete their 22 mile bike course.  Participants will hit an aid station before entering transition to get on their bike and immediately after exiting transition starting the run.



Participants will pass 7 aid stations each 6.5 mile lap on the run course.  One will be immediately after exiting the transition area.


Aid stations will contain:

  • Water 

  • Gatorade Endurance

  • Hammer Gel  

  • Bananas - every other aid station

  • Oranges-run course only  - every other aid station


You need to drink lots of fluids AND EAT!   You must eat to keep from becoming sodium deficient.  Sports drink will definitely help with this versus water, but you still need to eat!  We also highly recommend you take some Endurolytes before the race and periodically throughout the race.  This will keep your electrolyte levels in check and prevent cramping.


All aid stations will have 3 sections to keep things simple.  You will encounter a table and volunteers with water first,  then a table and volunteers with Gatorade Endurance, and lastly a table and volunteers with food (Hammer Gel, bananas, and oranges).


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